The Mincio's path Mantua-Peschiera is one of the growing reality of the territory of the Garda's hinterland. Cycle-tourism in particular is a strong-growing potential, which can be a significant alternative to improve economy and sustainability. The project aims to resolve a critical point of the path: the strong disconnection between the two banks of the Mincio river. The proposal is inspired by the old pedestrian bridge, which passed through the pillars of the old rail-bridge, destroyed during Wold War II. Preserving the current situation of the reconstructed bridge, the new cycle bridge slides through the pillars, slowing down the flow of ciclists, to make them discover this strategic point between the natural beauties (river, lake) and history (the Peschiera's fortress). The cycle bridge helps the connection between the path and the services around it, as the big park by the left bank, located close to the highway exit.