The project was inspired by the green line of "Rio Paulone", an area near a small river close to the project's area. This green area expands into kindergarten and becomes a forest where in the middle is placed a strong and compact architecture, which involves simultaneously inside and outside, architecture and natural space. The idea of "forest" becomes the common thread that includes the dimension of the story, a magical place that becomes a growth path for the child and a recurring theme in the design of the space. Porches and courtyards break the volume and allow at the forest to enter inside school. Every interior courtyard has a tree that represents a fragment of nature, and the presence of large bright windows allows to break the boundary of inside and outside. The building's construction and management are designed to minimize environmental impact and maximize energy independence through renewable and will be built with frame and timber cladding while the roof garden maximize the integration of the building while providing high thermal performance in summer and winter. The natural ventilation will ensure that the air is oxygenated by the plants that make up the "forest" will introduced into the school and through natural convection will emitted through the chimney. The photovoltaic panels on the roof will complete the request of the building's energy needs.