Located close to the ancient military Walls of Peschiera del Garda, the project area known as "Borgo Secolo is occupied today by a military warehouse. Starting from the historical and cultural heritage that expresses the surrounding context, the project tries to build/generate a connection with the 16th Century's Fortress' System: the idea is to rehabilitate the area and reinsert it in Peschiera's vital dynamics through a program of social housing and cultural paths for tourists. Permeability is the strongest characteristic of the project: the area is converted into an open park, accessible to the community.
For this reason, Viability is developed along area's line of perimeter and doesn't interfere with the green area.
The new Public Space is designed to be a thematic park about the Fortress' System and also connects different public functions.
Residence Buildings/Houses are divided in three "islands", that generate three different courts. The "Island" is the conceptual shape/form that defines the limit between public and private space.