Località Scarpina is a place in the right side of the Mincio river, very near to the Garda lake. The area is part of a the traditional rural landscape of this territory and since the early decades of the 19th century was trasformed in a military storage that nowadays is adbandoned.
The project investigate the possibility of realize a specific holiday camp for tourists (cycletourists) to rehabilitate an area out of use for very long time.
Step one, enveiromental recovering: restore the naturalistic peculiarity of the area and clean all pollutions to reclaim land. In order to keep continuity of the ecological corridors we decided to plant a new forest all over the area.
Step two, the green village: to create an intimate space for people to stay during their holidays we designed small wooden cabins spread all around the new forest. Cars are not allowed inside the village, only bikes are allowed. Ground paths between trees are the routes.
Step three: reinforce common memory: public functions of the village are all located in the three big military buildings that will be preserved and recovered in order to consolidate the present landscape configuration.