The observation of landscape elements and their implementation within the project have inspired the design of the houses. The project is part of one of the districts that still retain the look of the old peasant houses where terraces built by " marogne ", (walls composed in dry stone), are evidence of harmony between man and nature which becomes the typical Valpolicella's landscape. These elements have translated into idea that is expressed in a long basament on which you have two abstract volumes recalling the typology and proportions of the old farm buildings. The basement follows the existing topography as a retaining wall being partially recessed into the slope. It contains in its interior a smallest single unit and the sleeping area of the two houses. Indeed given the strong slope of the land and the unfavorable solar orientation, it was decided to reverse the traditional pattern placing the living area on the lower floor and the sleeping area upstairs. Despite the program that develops inside is different, it develops seamless so as to constitute a unitary image and development strongly horizontal.