In a strong touristic attitude area, situated along one of the most crossed cycle path in Italy, the adbandoned old train station emerge as an unused occasion.
In the early 80's the railway was converted into a cycling lane that nowadays is included in the Eurovelo network: in spite of the large number of users there is almost a complete absence of services. The intervention looks to organize the functional program by transforming the three existing buildings and the entire area in a specific site for reception of bike tourists: in a few words turn the railway station into bike station.
What we've suddenly understand was the need to separate the circulation's fluxes to let bikers and pedestrian move free and safe. So we have divided the area in three belts: one for cars and parking placed over the top of an embankment in order to create two heights of circulation; one for bicycle "to pass throught" that trace out the cycle path and a place for pedestrian "to stay". The project is an abstraction of a railroad switch: long coulored concrete strips of variable width, placed side by side, lead the bikers throught the station.
The existing buildings will be restored with new functions. The tollgate becomes a typical foodstuffs' shop, the passenger terminal becomes a restaurant with guest house and the warehouse becomes a bike rental. The extension of the passenger terminal, like a glass railway car, will host the dining room of the restaurant.