The laghetto del Frassino is a small lake in the area of Peschiera del Garda. It's located in a very naturalistic area, in between the Garda's lake and the morainic hills and it's sorrounded by hectares of vineyards.It's also recognized by the European Community as a site of global importance for migratory bird. Realizing a new public path throught the fields up to the lake becomes an opportunity to rethink the adbandoned transformer (electric) tower as a birdwatching tower. We imagine a building that shoud function like a machinery for birdwatchers: 4 vertical walls, made of larch plank placed next to each others, allow to watch from the inside but not to be seen from the out side. In order to fix the wood covering, we decided to exploit the flexibility of wood plank and interlace it with the pillars. This basic technology, the one of the wicker basckets, allows us to save many metal connections (....) The tower is made of three parts: first, the core, is the rebuilt shape of the old transformer (electric) tower made of concrete with letf corten formwork (or permanent formwork). The second part are vertical and horizontal circulations made with steel elements supported by the perimetral pillars. Third part, the wood covering, brings to mind the traditional wicker basckets used to harvest grapes.